A Proficiency Sequence in Action

In my post, "I want to change the world one proficiency sequence at a time,” I explained that with regards to proficiency sequences, “the real beauty is in how unpacking the standard and developing the process gives teachers the chance to teach each level.” A proficiency sequence, then is a useful tool for students, but … Continue reading A Proficiency Sequence in Action

The Case for Standards-Based Grading

Seems like on most days when I hit social media, I’m bombarded by the same chatter—grades are “meaningless,” “don’t measure learning,” and “are corruptive.” And the comments don’t stop there. There’s negative chatter about all forms of grading practices, including standards-based grading.  While I agree that outdated and ineffective grading practices like using a 101 … Continue reading The Case for Standards-Based Grading

Learning isn’t a privilege, it’s a right

I need to come clean with all of you. I’m embarrassed and somewhat ashamed about what I have to reveal. Please refrain from chastising me or rolling your eyes. I hope that you will not think less of me because of this information which I am about to bestow upon you. Okay, here it goes… … Continue reading Learning isn’t a privilege, it’s a right