Connecting Engagement with Equity

Over the past year, a group of colleagues and I have invested some time exploring Joe Feldman’s Grading for Equity. In this phenomenal book, Feldman explores inequitable practices that have been historically ingrained in school culture and explains how shifting to more equitable practices beginning with sound and unbiassed assessment practices can lead to positive … Continue reading Connecting Engagement with Equity

I’d like a number 1 meal, light on the equality, extra equity

At McFast, a new fast-food joint with a fresh name, employees are training in all things fast food before being put on the line. Before opening their doors, each employee goes through training in various areas of the restaurant. In week one, employees are trained on French fries: how to drop them into the hot … Continue reading I’d like a number 1 meal, light on the equality, extra equity

Extending Our View of Extending

Lately, as I've engaged in conversations in person, webinars, works, and social media, I’ve noticed hesitancy about last level on proficiency scales. You know the one.  It's called Extending, Exceeding, Advanced, Exemplary, Expert, or Mastery on a four- or five-point scale. The level that comes just before this last level is called Meeting, Applying, Proficient … Continue reading Extending Our View of Extending

A Proficiency Sequence in Action

In my post, "I want to change the world one proficiency sequence at a time,” I explained that with regards to proficiency sequences, “the real beauty is in how unpacking the standard and developing the process gives teachers the chance to teach each level.” A proficiency sequence, then is a useful tool for students, but … Continue reading A Proficiency Sequence in Action

I want to change the world, one proficiency sequence at a time

I’m aware of the hyperbole in the title. The world is a big place. The world is…THE WORLD. When I started writing this piece, I considered toning it done to, I want to change learning, one proficiency sequence at a time. I contemplated, I want to change education, one proficiency sequence at a time.  I … Continue reading I want to change the world, one proficiency sequence at a time

The Case for Standards-Based Grading

Seems like on most days when I hit social media, I’m bombarded by the same chatter—grades are “meaningless,” “don’t measure learning,” and “are corruptive.” And the comments don’t stop there. There’s negative chatter about all forms of grading practices, including standards-based grading.  While I agree that outdated and ineffective grading practices like using a 101 … Continue reading The Case for Standards-Based Grading