The Report Card Dilemma

You’ve embraced a gradeless mindset. Your students are showing progress. It was a struggle at first, but you persevered in your communication of student learning to parents and they now appreciate that your focus has been on learning and not grades. Wahoo! Success! But it’s June and the Ministry of Education requires a letter grade … Continue reading The Report Card Dilemma

My 21st Century #20time Epiphany

I fell in love with project-based learning a few years ago when I went looking for deeper way of doing projects with my Humanities 8 students. At that time, I was doing project work with my students, but it was cookie-cutter projects: posters, PowerPoints, and newspapers…you know what I’m talking about. I gave out the … Continue reading My 21st Century #20time Epiphany

Choreographing Communication of Student Learning

As mentioned in my Teachers Going Gradeless post, communication of student learning is vital for gradeless and standards based grading to be successful. By communication, I mean communication of pivotal learning points in a student's learning journey:where they are at now and how to get to the next level. Communication should highlight the growth and … Continue reading Choreographing Communication of Student Learning

How do I love Bloom’s Taxonomy…let me count the ways…

I love Bloom's Taxonomy. I literally have a picture on my phone, another pinned to my bulletin board by my desk, one in my marking bag, and a copy saved to the desktop of every computer I work on in the school, plus one on my H: drive and my flash drives...err...make that flash drives. … Continue reading How do I love Bloom’s Taxonomy…let me count the ways…