Throw ’em a life preserver

For high school teachers, there’s been a lot of questions around learning and assessment and what we should be doingduring this pandemic. How much work should we give? Should we give everyone A’s? What if kids don't have computers? Should kids fail? What if kids are alone? Should they pass or pass with distinction? Should … Continue reading Throw ’em a life preserver

Thinking outside the ‘tech’ box

The Trouble with Technology I rely heavily on my social network for resources to communicate my assessment philosophy and education pedagogy.  During this crisis, I find myself inundated with so much information that I find it a daunting task to weed out the unnecessary, trolls, and funnies to get to important information for my PLN … Continue reading Thinking outside the ‘tech’ box

Gradeless: Don’t just dip your toes, jump in

Going gradeless is a complete somersault into foreign territory. To do it correctly, in my view, it shouldn't be a partial or hurried cartwheel into gradeless. One cannot simply post marks using a proficiency scale, pat themselves on the back and call it gradeless. Gradeless is about pedagogy, mindset, communication of learning without numbers…all numbers…ANY … Continue reading Gradeless: Don’t just dip your toes, jump in

Playing chess – Gradeless English 11 Weeks 3 and 4

Four weeks have passed in my gradeless English 11 class. I’m in a sort of limbo. Students haven’t asked for a grade, but I haven’t really given them a reason to. They’ve read a novel, completed three weeks of annotations with descriptive feedback, participated in discussions, and started an essay. About half of the students … Continue reading Playing chess – Gradeless English 11 Weeks 3 and 4