Let me introduce myself…

Shannon L. Schinkel

To transform assessment practices so all students thrive.

I’ve been a Humanities and Drama teacher in Prince George for 23 years. I’m also a wife to an amazing husband, a mom to two fine kids (age 17 and 21), and moderately addicted to sparkling water, my two cats, and Twitter. I began my assessment journey about 15 years ago, giving up zeroes and trying to make assessment meaningful to my students by bringing them into the folds of assessment. That has evolved into a spirit to challenge traditional assessment systems and showcase what progressive assessment practices have to offer. I love to work with teachers about how they can evolve their practices through workshops and presentations. In the past few years, I’ve been designing proficiency sequences that have shaped the way I teach my students through a learning pathway. My radical assessment shifts are helping build a more positive assessment culture in my classroom. I tell people that I’m a sharer and I’m a disruptor. I love to write about both and I’m proudly long-winded. I don’t just touch on an idea, I dig deep! But above all, I’m reflecting and developing #MyGrowthMindset.